Monday, October 8, 2007

Z'EV - Forwaard

from Vital Weekly # 581:

While Z'EV gained a lot of attention through his percussive music in the 1980s, the focus of his interest has shifted towards the manipulation of field recordings in recent years. 'Forwaard' is based on recordings provided by Frans de Waard.
Sounds of rain and running water keep recurring throughout the piece, and the static, yet internally richly structured quality of these sounds is indeed an overall characteristic of this work.
Avoiding a dramatic build-up or noisy peaks, Z'EV weaves a dense organic composition from obscured field recordings and meandering metallic overtones.
Everything is moving at a slow pace, but there is constant movement and over the course of some 40 minutes a richly varied tapestry of drones unfolds, evoking a calm late-night atmosphere, in which objects appear only as silhouettes and gain a delicate, soothing presence, albeit not devoid of some dark undercurrents.
(Magnus Schaefer)

Label: Korm Plastics
Cat. #: KP 3029
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - Untitled (6:04)
02 - Untitled (3:38)
03 - Untitled (2:19)
04 - Untitled (8:31)
05 - Untitled (11:09)
06 - Untitled (8:21)

Korm Plastics

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