Monday, October 8, 2007

Talibam! - Ordination Of The Globetrotting Conscripts

Talibam! is a NYC trio formed by Kevin Shea (member in bands like Storm & Stress, Coptic Light and People) who plays drums, Matt Mottel (synth) and Ed Bear (baritone sax, electronics).
In this work (their first CD studio album, after several limited CDR releases) they were joined by some of the finest improvisers in New York: Peter Evans (trumpet), Cooper-Moore (piano), Michael Evans (drums), Jeremy Wilms (guitar).
Ordination Of The Globetrotting Conscripts is an excellent destructo-jazz/improv’s example, a playful exercise of audio terrorism.

Label: Azul Discográfica
Cat. #: AZD006CD
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - Ordination Of The Globetrotting Conscripts (02:39)
02 - Guns And Butter (05:42)
03 - Revolutionary Bummer Weed And The Syncretic Narcotraffickers (04:24)
04 - Rambo's Passeggiata (04:55)
05 - A Petroglyphic Massacre (05:55)
06 - Lunch Break At Naan (03:04)
07 - New Burnt Century (07:54)
08 - The Spectre Of Water Wars (13:11)


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