Friday, October 5, 2007

Carl Ludwig Hübsch - Primordial Soup

"My playing is focused on music as a structure in time. All focus is on the genesis of the moment. While emphasis and plot are fragmented and given the freedom of a new point of departure, utmost care is given to awareness of musical flow and continuity of the play.
Through the use of avant-garde and self-invented performance techniques, the tuba acquires completely new characteristics as a brass instrument.
An innovative array of unexpected sounds is heard, the instrument is seen from a fresh perspective, and the audience is confronted with a novel way of perceiving time."
(Carl Ludwig Hübsch)

Primordial Soup is based on material composed by Hübsch, who is accompanied by three of the best artists of the German jazz improvisation scene.
An innovative listening experience through an amorphous, unrecognizable, de/structured sound.

Axel Dörner: trumpet;
Frank Gratkowski: reeds;
Michael Griener: drums, percussion;
Carl Ludwig Hübsch: tuba, composition.

Label: Red Toucan Records
Cat. #: RedToucan9331
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - NGC 2271 Hades B (12:01)
02 - NGC 2274 Melos (05:44)
03 - Pressio #1 (04:21)
04 - NGC 2273 Vier/Four (10:38)
05 - Flexus (03:30)
06 - Pressio #2 (03:11)
07 - NGC 2270 Terrier (10:23)
08 - NGC 2276 Inspektion (07:10)
09 - Harpa Gratkowskae (01:55)

Axel Dörner
Frank Gratkowski
Carl Ludwig Hübsch
Red Toucan Records

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