Wednesday, October 10, 2007

MWVM - Rotations

from Vital Weekly # 594:

Behind MWVM is one Micheal Walton from Durham, UK, and he started to play music in 1996 and adopted the name MWVM in 2005.
He plays a guitar and effect pedals. His music can be classified as ambient music.
When I played this CD I kept thinking: Eno, Fripp, Fear Falls Burning, Hypnos, Stars Of The Lid. been there, done that, you know the drill.
I could all to easily slag this down as copycat # 2983, but actually I really like the music.
Nothing new under the ambient sun, but it's nice, it's entertaining, it's atmospheric, it's beautiful.
Music doesn't need to be per se new and innovative in the Vital HQ, but it's nice if it is.
If it isn't, fine too, and we could simply enjoy the beauty of it and 'Rotations' is certainly a beautiful album.
(Frans de Waard)

Label: Silber Records
Cat. #: Silber 063
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - Context. Where? (09:11)
02 - Fireside (07:24)
03 - It's Easy To Be Miserable (04:09)
04 - Negative Pole (06:13)
05 - Celestial Motion (05:11)
06 - Rotations (03:34)
07 - Oratory Clout (12:35)
08 - Sleepy Crayfish (03:03)
09 - Windows (06:20)
10 - Never Constant (03:35)


Silber Records

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