Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Beautiful Schizophonic - Musicamorosa

from Vital Weekly # 588:

As far as I remember this is the first major work by Jorge Mantas, who has published works on CDR before as well as being part of a previous release on Cronica Electronica. Among his influences he ranks rather writers (such as Proust, Poe, Dante), painters (Friedrich, Waterhouse), nouvelle vague cinema and erotic photography.
I was playing this CD and couldn't help thinking: I heard this before. Ambient scape drone music. Made with a laptop. Based on field recordings and instruments. How easy do you want to have it? Yet I was playing this a couple of times and every time I thought: wow this is nice. The guiding theme here are 'romantic drones'.
Violins are sampled, layered, looped around, and sound like a warm bed, candle lit, incense perhaps (don't know how romantic things should be) and in the background the ambient glitch muzak of The Beautiful Schizophonic.
The music is a bit like sweet cake. You take a bite and think that it's nice, and even the second and third bite are great but then your teeth start hurting of all the sweetness. That is a bit the trap of this album.
It's a sweet album, a great album, but perhaps to be taken in just a few bites every time.
(Frans de Waard)

Label: Cronica Electronica
Cat. #: Crónica 029~2007
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - Un Étourdissant Réveil En Musique (05:23)
02 - Zéphir Marin, Féerique Comme Un Clair De Lune (07:47)
03 - Du Fond Du Sommeil Elle Remontait Les Derniers Degrés De L'Escalier Des Songes (03:30)
04 - Cantiques À La Gloire Du Soleil (04:22)
05 - Les Oiseaux Qui Dorment En L'Air (04:29)
06 - On Se Souvient D'Une Atmosphère Parce Que Des Jeunes Filles Y Ont Souri (02:42)
07 - La Lectrice (03:05)
08 - L'Amour, C'Est L'Espace Et Le Temps Rendus Sensibles Au Coeur (04:21)
09 - Dans La Chambre Magique D'Une Sibylle (01:48)
10 - L'Éternel Matin (06:38)
11 - Une Preuve De L'Existence Irréductiblement Individuelle De L'Âme (00:57)
12 - Un Jardin Encore Silencieux Avant Le Lever Du Jour (06:56)
13 - Soixante-quatre (@c Pour T.B.S.) (13:30)

The Beautiful Schizophonic
Cronica Electronica

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