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Jin Sangtae & Park Seungjun - 5 Modules IV

The fourth episode in this 'five modules' series from the Manual label offers an interaction between Jin Sangtae (laptop, mobile phone, radio) and Park Seungjun (feedback with electric light, broken CD player and radio).
The devices are managed to produce a sound that it’s difficult to identify as noise.
More structured the first two tracks, with several different noisy impulses, a little more quiet the third, with continuous sine tones and, finally, the fourth track based on low frequencies and subtle signals.

Label: Manual
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

square_01 (12:06)
square_02 (08:04)
square_03 (12:55)
square_04 (18:50)



Manual Modules CD-R

Ryu Hankil / Jin Sangtae / Choi Joonyang - 5 Modules I

Cat. #: --
Format: CD-R
Release date: 2006


Hong Chulki - 5 Modules II

Cat. #: --
Format: CD-R
Release date: 2007


Ryu Hankil / Jin Sangtae / Taku Unami / Mattin - 5 Modules III

Cat. #: --
Format: CD-R
Release date: 2007


Jin Sangtae & Park Seungjun - 5 Modules IV

Cat. #: --
Format: CD-R
Release date: 2007


Ryu Hankil / Hong Chulki / Choi Joonyong - 5 Modules V

Cat. #: --
Format: CD-R
Release date: 2008


Manual Modules CD + Book

Iida Katsuaki & Ryu Hankil - Selected Poems With Clockworks

Cat. #: Cd01
Format: CD + Book
Release date: 2008


VV.AA. - RELAY : Archive 2007 - 2008

w/ Ryu Hankil, Jin Sangtae, Choi Joonyong, Hong Chulki, Park Seungjun, Joe Foster, Noid, Klaus Fliip, Dieb13, Kai Fagaschinski, Bonnie Jones, Mats Gustafsson, Taku Sugimoto, Taku Unami, Iida Katsuaki, Toshimaru Nakamura

Cat. #: Cd02
Format: 2xCD + Book
Release date: 2009


Noid & Taku Unami - ¬ + : *

Cat. #: Cd03
Format: CD
Release date: 06/2009


Roberto Mallo / Miguel Prado / Ryu Hankil - Sannakji

Cat. #: Cd04
Format: CD
Release date: 03/2011


Kim Taeyong / Lee Youngji / Ryu Hankil - Profile

Cat. #: Cd05
Format: CD + Book
Release date: 12/2011


lowie & Ryu Hankil - Beckett's Typist

Cat. #: Cd06
Format: CD + Book
Release date: 12/2011


Matija Schellander - Sum Šum

Cat. #: Cd07
Format: CD
Release date: 11/2012


Noid - Friendly Takeover

Cat. #: Cd08
Format: CD
Release date: 06/2013


Julie Hanssin - The Book Before Music

Cat. #: Cd09
Format: CD + Book
Release date: 06/2013


Alessandro Bosetti - Autumnal Sisters

Cat. #:
Format: DVD
Release date: 09/2015



Wednesday, December 26, 2007

John Duncan / Kontakt Der Jünglinge / C.M. Von Hausswolff - Untitled

A collection of live performances by three important names of the sonorous exploration, three tracks from previously unissued material.
This CD is related to the Die Stadt night on the 18 October 2007 in Brussels.
Microtonal atmospheres by John Duncan, acoustic sounds processed by Tietchens and Köner (Kontakt Der Jünglinge), ambiance recordings manipulated by C.M. Von Hausswolff.
Different perspectives but great overall effect.

Label: Die Stadt
Cat. #: DS104
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - John Duncan - Live At The Compound (24:25)
02 - Kontakt Der Jünglinge - Montreal Solution 1 (18:45)
03 - C.M. Von Hausswolff - Circulating Over Square Waters (Framed Nature) (15:15)

Asmus Tietchens
C.M. Von Hausswolff
John Duncan
Thomas Köner
Die Stadt

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Images from the Archives: Concrete White

Have a peaceful Christmas...if you believe in it.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Eyvind Kang - The Yelm Sessions

An amazing release from this eclectic performer, supported by several wonderful musicians who create magical compositions characterized by unpredictable schemes.
Eyvind Kang is undoubtedly an extraordinary and singular personality, always able to give us unexpected surprises…

Shahzad Ismaily: Drums
Eyvind Kang: Violin, Viola, Cello, Basses, Guitars, Sitars, Drums, Keyboard, Trumpet, Recorders, Bird Ambience, Compositions
Steve Moore: Trombone
Hans Teuber: Bass Clarinet, Clarinet, Flute
Doug Wieselman: Bass Clarinet
Thilges 3: Programming
Dave Abramson: Percussion
Mell Dettmer: Rain Ambience, Echoplex, Korg MS 20
Barbara Fasching: English Horn
Wolfgang Heiler: Bassoon
Taina Karr: English Horn, Oboe, Oboe D'Amore
Jessika Kenney: Voice
Don McGreevy: Drums
Scott Schaafsma: Double Bass
Nikolaus Vogelhofer: French Horn
Gretchen Yanover: Cello

Degenerate Art Orchestra
Kala Ramnath: Violin Soloist
Joshua Kohl: Conductor
Madeleine Sosin: Quijara De Burro

Orchestra Del Teatro Comunale Di Bologna
Matt Chamberlain: Hand Drums, Gongs
Marco Dalpane: Keyboards
Aldo Sisillo: Conductor
Walter Zanetti: Guitar

Label: Tzadik
Cat. #: 8042
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - The Clown's Song (02:35)
02 - Enter The Garden (04:31)
03 - The Yelm Sessions (02:47)
04 - Fire In Wind (03:46)
05 - Locus Iste (00:52)
06 - Sulpicia Variation (02:34)
07 - Hawks Prairie (06:59)
08 - Hiemarmene (02:45)
09 - Mistress Mine (02:11)
10 - Asa Tru (07:41)
11 - Epoché For Strings (06:11)

Previous releases:

7 NADEs (1996, Tzadik, 7013)

Theater Of Mineral NADEs (1998, Tzadik, 7032)

MBEK (1999, Meniscus, MNSCS 005) (w/ Michael Bisio)

The Story Of Iceland (2000, Tzadik, 7059)

Virginal Co Ordinates (2004, Ipecac, IPC-050)

Athlantis (2007, Ipecac, IPC-087)

Eyvind Kang

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Biota - Half A True Day

"As the title suggests, in this new work a portion of a cycle – a repeating segment of time – is explored. We employed repeating and overlapping motifs of different lengths, allowing their staggered interaction to produce varying degrees of harmonization, dissonance, masking and reinforcement.
Unpredictability of outcome was furthered by electronic processing – both manual and automated, random and predetermined -- and by the appearance, taken -out of context, -of unrelated passages taken from earlier projects. Realtime performers had to interact with this instability as they constructed their contributions, and later as they gave form to the final composition.
Although there are elements of chance at work in the process, the eventual architecture is intentional, and carefully worked. Mixing was done by hand, and without the aid of computers, then the composition was assembled and integrated digitally."
William Sharp, Biota.

Six years have passed since “Invisible Map”, six years of work to get to this new album that give us back Biota’s sound/art.
Passed through a complex elaboration and multiple processing phases, “Half a true day” is the product of an intense and conscious preparation, so it requires an attentive listening skill.
The result won’t fail our expectations: we haven't waited this return in vain.

Label: ReR
Cat. #: ReR BCD6
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - Figure Question
02 - Pack-and-Penny Day
03 - Hidden Compartment
04 - Angle Of Doubt
05 - Proven Within Half - Half A true Day
06 - Accidental Photograph
07 - Winding Nth
08 - Moth Across
09 - Silent Grove
10 - Just Now Maybe
11 - Another Name
12 - Turn The Moon
13 - Globemallow, Left Untold
14 - Cloud Chamber
15 - Where No One Knows
16 - Antimagnet
17 - Passerine

Previous releases:

Tumble (1989, ReR, ReR BCD)

Bellowing Room / Tinct (1990, ReR, ReR BCD2)

Almost Never (1992, ReR, ReR BCD3)

Object Holder (1995, ReR, ReR BCD4)

Invisible Map (2001, ReR, ReR BCD5)

ReR Megacorp

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Labels: Sonoris

Year of birth: 1998
Location: Gujan Mestras - France
Area: Avant-garde, Experimental, Minimal, Field Recordings


Cat. # Artist Title Format
son-01 Kasper T Toeplitz Fissure (CD)
son-02 P16.D4 Tionchor (CD, Album, Dig)
son-03 Osso Exótico VI: Church Organ Works (CD)
son-04 Jean-Michel Rivet Embrasement (CD)
son-05 Francisco López Belle Confusion 969 (CD)
son-06 Erik M. Zygosis (CD)
son-07 Artificial Memory Trace Vol. 9 : Distori (Noah) (CD, Album, Dig)
son-08 Michael Prime L-Fields (CD, Album, Dig)
son-11 Dan Burke + Thomas Dimuzio Hz (CD, Dig)
son-12 Peter Duimelinks , Roel Meelkop , Ralf Wehowsky Verklarte Tage (CD)
son-13 Taku Sugimoto / Kevin Drumm Den (CD)
son-14 Christian Alati Giuseppe Ielasi Ruggero Radaele Untitled (CD)
son-21 David Maranha Piano Suspenso (CD)
son-22 Steve Roden / In Be Tween Noise The Radio (CD)
son-31 Sensorband Area / Puls (CD, Album)
son-32 Laurent Grappe Le Luxe De La Réflexion! (CD, Album)
son-41 Pierre Berthet Un Cadre De Piano Prolongé (CD, Album)
son-42 Poire_z Presque_Chic (CD)
son-43 Laurent Dailleau Supersternal Notch (CD, Album, Dig)
son-nos eRikm Mono.Face.Mirror (CD, Maxi)
sns-01 Steve Roden Three Roots Carved To Look Like Stones (CD, Ltd)
sns-02 Paul O'Hara Senseless Acts Of Beauty (CD, Ltd)
sns-03 Kozo Inada j[] (CD, Ltd)
sns-04 Bowline Bowline (CD, Ltd)
sns-05 Michael Gendreau & Francisco López TDDM (2xCD)
sns-06 Seth Nehil Flock & Tumble (CD)
sns-07 Jean-Michel Rivet À Fleur De Quai (CD)
sns-08 Mike Shiflet & Daniel Menche Stalemate (CD)
sns-09 Seth Nehil Furl (CD)
sns-10 Yannick Dauby Overflows (CD)






David Maranha + Z'EV

Steve Roden / In Be Tween Noise
Kevin Drumm
Steve Roden 

Lionel Marchetti

Jim O’Rourke


PBK & Wolf Eyes 
Kevin Drumm

Every Color Moving (1988-2003)
Elapsed Time
A Thousand Breathing Forms

Jeu Du Monde 

To Magnetize Money And Catch A Roving Eye

L'Art De La Fuite
 Inexplicable Hours


(6xCD + 3"CD) 






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Literature: Georges Bataille (1897-1962)

Date Of Birth: September 10, 1897, Billom, Puy-de-Dôme (Auvergne), France
Date Of Death: July 9, 1962, Paris, France

Bataille was initially considered priesthood and went to a Catholic seminary but renounced his faith in 1922.
He attended the École des Chartes in Paris and graduated in February 1922.
Bataille is often referred to, interchangeably, as an archivist and a librarian. While it is true that he worked at the Bibliothèque Nationale, his work there was with medallion collections (he also published scholarly articles on numismatics), and his thesis at the École des Chartes was a critical edition of the medieval manuscript L’Ordre de chevalerie which he produced directly by classifying the eight manuscripts from which he reconstructed the poem. After graduating he moved to the School of Advanced Spanish Studies in Madrid.

Founder of several journals and literary groups, Bataille is the author of an oeuvre both abundant and diverse: readings, poems, essays on innumerable subjects (on the mysticism of economy, in passing of poetry, philosophy, the arts, eroticism). He sometimes published under pseudonyms, and some of his publications were banned. He was relatively ignored during his lifetime and scorned by contemporaries such as Jean-Paul Sartre as an advocate of mysticism, but after his death had considerable influence on authors such as Michel Foucault, Philippe Sollers and Jacques Derrida, all of whom were affiliated with the Tel Quel journal.
His influence is felt in the work of Jean Baudrillard, as well as in the psychoanalytic theories of Jacques Lacan.

Initially attracted to Surrealism, Bataille quickly fell out with its founder André Breton, although Bataille and the Surrealists resumed cautiously cordial relations after World War II. Bataille was a member of the extremely influential College of Sociology in France between World War I and World War II. The College of Sociology was also comprised of several renegade surrealists. He was heavily influenced by Hegel, Freud, Marx, Marcel Mauss, the Marquis de Sade, Alexandre Kojève and Friedrich Nietzsche, the last of whom he defended in a notable essay against appropriation by the Nazis.

Fascinated by human sacrifice, he founded a secret society, Acéphale, the symbol of which was a decapitated man. According to legend, Bataille and the other members of Acéphale each agreed to be the sacrificial victim as an inauguration; none of them would agree to be the executioner. An indemnity was offered for an executioner, but none was found before the dissolution of Acéphale shortly before the war. The group also published an eponymous review, concerned with Nietzsche's philosophy, and which attempted to think what Jacques Derrida has called an "anti-sovereignty".
Bataille thus collaborated with André Masson, Pierre Klossowski, Roger Caillois, Jules Monnerot, Jean Rollin and Jean Wahl.

Bataille drew from diverse influences and used diverse modes of discourse to create his work. His novel Story of the Eye, published under the pseudonym Lord Auch (literally, Lord "to the shithouse" — "auch" being slang for telling somebody off by sending them to the toilet), was initially read as pure pornography, while interpretation of the work has gradually matured to reveal the considerable philosophical and emotional depth that is characteristic of other writers who have been categorized within "literature of transgression." The imagery of the novel is built upon a series of metaphors which in turn refer to philosophical constructs developed in his work: the eye, the egg, the sun, the earth, the testicle. Other famous novels include the posthumous My Mother (which would become the basis of Ma mère, a French movie written and directed by Christophe Honoré) and The Blue of Noon.

The latter, with its necrophilic and political tendencies, its autobiographical or testimonial undertones, and its philosophical moments turns Story of the Eye on its head, providing a much darker and bleaker treatment of contemporary historical reality.

Bataille was also a philosopher (though he renounced this title), but for many, like Sartre, his philosophical claims bordered on atheist mysticism. During World War Two, and influenced by Kojève's reading of Hegel, and by Nietzsche, he wrote a Summa Atheologica (the title parallels Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica) which comprises his works "Inner Experience," "Guilty," and "On Nietzsche." After the war he composed his "The Accursed Share", and founded the influential journal "Critique". His singular conception of "sovereignty" (which may be described as "anti-sovereignty") was discussed by Jacques Derrida, Giorgio Agamben, Jean-Luc Nancy and others.

Bataille's first marriage was to actress Silvia Maklès; they divorced in 1934, and she later married the psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan. Bataille also had a liaison with Colette Peignot, who died in 1938. In 1946 Bataille married Diane de Beauharnais, with whom he had a daughter.
In the same year he founded one of the most respected scholarly journals in France, “Critique”.

After the war Bataille was unemployed for a long time and his financial situation was rapaidly going downhill. In 1947 he lectured at the Collegè Philosophique and edited a series of books for the publishers Minuit. From 1949 to 1951 he worked as a librarian in Carpentras in Provence, and from 1951 in Orléans. In 1961 Pablo Picasso, Max Ernst and Juan Miro arranged an auction of paintings to help him in his difficulties. Bataille died in Paris on July 8, 1962.
At that time he was ready to return back to the Bibliothèque Nationale.

  • Histoire De L'oeil, 1928 (Story Of The Eye) (under pseudonym of Lord Auch)
  • L'anus Solaire, 1931
  • Le Bleu Du Ciel, 1935 (Blue Of Noon)
  • Sacrifices, 1936
  • Madame Edwarda, 1937 (under pseudonym of Pierre Angélique)
  • L' Expérience Intérieure, 1943 (Inner Experience)
  • Le Coupable, 1944 (The Guilty)
  • Dirty, 1945
  • Sur Nietzsche, 1945 (On Nietzsche)
  • L'Orestie, 1945
  • Dianus, 1947
  • L'Alleluiah, 1947
  • La Haine De La Poésie, 1947
  • La Part Maudite, 1949 (The Accursed Share)
  • Histoire Des Rats, 1948
  • Théorie De La Religion, 1948 (Theory Of Religion)
  • Éponine, 1949
  • L'Abbé C, 1950
  • Somme athéologique I-II, 1954-61
  • Lascaux, Ou, La Naissance De l'art, 1955 (Lascaux; Or, The Birth Of Art)
  • Manet, 1955
  • L'Érotisme Ou La Muse En Question De L'être, 1957 (Eroticism: Death And Sensuality)
  • La Littérature Et Le Mal, 1957 (Literature And Evil)
  • Les Larmes D'éros, 1961 (The Tears Of Eros)
  • L'Impossible, 1962. (The Impossible)
  • Le Petit, 1963
  • Gilles De Rais, 1965 (The Trial Of Gilles De Rais)
  • Ma Mère, 1966 (My Mother)
  • La notion De Dépense, 1967
  • Le Mort, 1967 (The Dead Man)
  • La Pratique De La Joie Avant La Mort, 1967
  • L'Archangélique, 1967 Documents, 1968
  • Œuvres complètes, 1970-88 (12 vols.)
    • Volume 1: Premiers Ecrits, 1922-1940: Histoire De L'œil - L'Anus Solaire - Sacrifices - Articles.
    • Volume 2: Écrits Posthumes, 1922-1940
    • Volume 3: Œuvres Littéraires: Madame Edwarda - Le Petit - L'Archangélique - L'Impossible - La Scissiparité - L'Abbé C. - L'être Différencié N'est Rien - Le Bleu Du Ciel.
    • Volume 4: Œuvres Littéraires Posthumes: Poèmes - Le Mort - Julie - La Maison Brûlée - La Tombe De Louis XXX - Divinus Deus - Ébauches.
    • Volume 5: La Somme Athéologique I: L'Expérience Intérieure - Méthode De Méditation - Post-Scriptum 1953 - Le Coupable - L'Alleluiah.
    • Volume 6: La Somme Athéologique II: Sur Nietzsche - Mémorandum - Annexes.
    • Volume 7: L'économie A La Mesure De L'univers - La Part Maudite - La Limite De L'utile (Fragments) - Théorie De La Religion - Conférences 1947-1948 - Annexes.
    • Volume 8: L'Histoire De L'érotisme - Le Surréalisme Au Jour Le Jour - Conférences 1951-1953 - La Souveraineté - Annexes.
    • Volume 9: Lascaux, Ou La Naissance De L’art - Manet - La Littérature Et Le Mal - Annexes
    • Volume 10: L’érotisme - Le Procès De Gilles De Rais - Les Larmes d’Eros
    • Volume 11: Articles I, 1944-1949
    • Volume 12: Articles II, 1950-1961

  • Le Collège De Sociologie (1937-1939), 1979 - The College Of Sociology (1937-1939)

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