Sunday, December 2, 2007

Herb Robertson With Evan Parker & Agustí Fernandéz - Parallelisms

Robertson, in collaboration with Parker and Fernandéz, realizes his idea to play saxophone, trumpet and piano going over their identity, to create electronic soundscapes (in "Sussurration", for example) starting from acoustic elements.
A very singular performance that lives in an isolated sphere into the free impro universe.

Herb Robertson: trumpet, cornet, soprano hunting horn, mutes and attachments, vocals
Evan Parker: tenor and soprano saxophones
Agustí Fernandéz: extended piano

Label: Ruby Flower Records
Cat. #: RF04CD
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - Spore Attic Basement (17:41) Testo alternativo accessibile
02 - Trichotomy (06:18) Testo alternativo accessibile
03 - Parallelisms (10:05)
04 - Susurration (13:01)
05 - The Living Daylight (14:03)
06 - Vim Chattering (08:16)

Herb Robertson
Evan Parker
Agustí Fernandéz
Ruby Flower Records

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