Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tomas Phillips - Drink_Deep

In this Phillips’ work, Rites Of Spring (an hardcore band that acted in the mid-1980’s) are submitted to microsound treatment.
Tomas manages R.O.S. material to create two long tracks, the first more quiet and melancholic, the second with more sonorous vibrations and drone impulses, confirming his ability to shape minimalistic forms.

Label: Non Visual Objects
Cat. #: nvo 012
Format: CD
Release date: 2007
Notes: limited edition of 300

01 - Drink_Deep (21:34) Testo alternativo accessibile
02 - In Silence_Words Away (18:02)

Previous releases:
  • On Dit (2003, Trente Oiseaux, TOC 033)
  • If Not, Winter (2005, and/OAR, and/live 2) (w/ Tobias C. van Veen)
  • A Travers Le Bord (2006, Non Visual Objects, nvo 007) (w/ Dean King)
  • Anther (2006, petite sono], o67) (w/ I8U)
  • Intermission / Six Feuilles (2006, Line, Line_029)
Tracks appear on:
  • VV.AA. - Extract - Portraits Of Soundartists (2007, Non Visual Objects, nvo 011) track: Each More Melodious Note (here)
Tomas Phillips
Non Visual Objects

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