Sunday, December 16, 2007

Biota - Half A True Day

"As the title suggests, in this new work a portion of a cycle – a repeating segment of time – is explored. We employed repeating and overlapping motifs of different lengths, allowing their staggered interaction to produce varying degrees of harmonization, dissonance, masking and reinforcement.
Unpredictability of outcome was furthered by electronic processing – both manual and automated, random and predetermined -- and by the appearance, taken -out of context, -of unrelated passages taken from earlier projects. Realtime performers had to interact with this instability as they constructed their contributions, and later as they gave form to the final composition.
Although there are elements of chance at work in the process, the eventual architecture is intentional, and carefully worked. Mixing was done by hand, and without the aid of computers, then the composition was assembled and integrated digitally."
William Sharp, Biota.

Six years have passed since “Invisible Map”, six years of work to get to this new album that give us back Biota’s sound/art.
Passed through a complex elaboration and multiple processing phases, “Half a true day” is the product of an intense and conscious preparation, so it requires an attentive listening skill.
The result won’t fail our expectations: we haven't waited this return in vain.

Label: ReR
Cat. #: ReR BCD6
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - Figure Question
02 - Pack-and-Penny Day
03 - Hidden Compartment
04 - Angle Of Doubt
05 - Proven Within Half - Half A true Day
06 - Accidental Photograph
07 - Winding Nth
08 - Moth Across
09 - Silent Grove
10 - Just Now Maybe
11 - Another Name
12 - Turn The Moon
13 - Globemallow, Left Untold
14 - Cloud Chamber
15 - Where No One Knows
16 - Antimagnet
17 - Passerine

Previous releases:

Tumble (1989, ReR, ReR BCD)

Bellowing Room / Tinct (1990, ReR, ReR BCD2)

Almost Never (1992, ReR, ReR BCD3)

Object Holder (1995, ReR, ReR BCD4)

Invisible Map (2001, ReR, ReR BCD5)

ReR Megacorp

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