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Ernesto Diaz-Infante - Emilio / Civilian Life

About two years ago, this blog dealt for the first time with Ernesto Diaz-Infante, by reviewing "Our Faceless Empire", collaborative release, later included among the best of 2010.
After that, Ernesto (read this previous post) released two works, "Emilio" and "Civilian Life", respectively published in late 2011 and early 2012, the first on Kendra Steiner Editions, the second on his own label, Pax Recordings.

"Emilio" (the title comes from the name of Ernesto's uncle) consists of 32 untitled free-form sketches, each with a small duration, ranging from a few seconds to two minutes, for a total length of around half an hour.
A set of freehand drawings, each endowed with distinctive features: Diaz-Infante succeeds in giving uniqueness to the tracks, avoiding the risk of redundancy, likely consequence of playing only one instrument, in this case the bajo sexto. That's a valuable addition, that's so for "Emilio".
The mosaic structure of the work does not preclude the possibility to notice a linear sequence of performance. On the contrary, the miniatures can be easily inserted into a logical framework of composition.

What comes out are sounds in multifarious forms: sometimes the strings are gently touched by fingers or slightly scratched with objects, at times they seem to speak in a pleasant tone. Sometimes the contact is even more detectable: the instrument is used in a percussive way.
The results vary from peaceful, hypnotic passages to droning textures, whereas, in other circumstances, the sounds become harsh, hollow, even noisy.

An interesting exercise of improvisation, highly spontaneous, that also highlights Ernesto's skill and mastery of the medium.

Label: Kendra Steiner Editions
Cat. #: KSE #206
Format: CD-R
Release date: 12/2011

01-32 - Emilio I-XXXII (32:42)

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Just a few months after "Emilio", Diaz-Infante released "Civilian Life".
Tangible differences with the previous disc here, from both conceptual and methodological perspectives.
Ernesto describes this work as a collection of mantra guitar recordings, embracing a period of nine years (from 2003 to 2011).
Thirteen pieces created by using a large number of instruments: acoustic and amplified bajo sexto, various types of acoustic guitars, singing bowl, electronic tanpura. Environmental recordings are marginally present (in the first track and in "A Gentle Reminder").

The album's common thread appears to be the concept of repetition applied to the sound, and here you can find some good examples of that: a measured pace in "Sun Hypnotic!", pure fluidity in "Easy To Disappear Into This Fog", a waving movement in "The Morning Sun Pours Through The Window", an echoing resonance in " Memories, Like Clouds . . .", the sonic balance of "JT".

In some segments the main theme is interpreted and put into practice literally ("Palais Idéal", "Shellacking The Sidewalk") or expressed in a more articulate manner, rather digressive: that's the case of "Yerba Buena", long piece, full of energy and motion.
A rhythmic acceleration as leading factor in "La Casa Encendida", that offers a lilting tune taking up the entirety of the track, bringing to mind an ancient ballad.
"The Pedestrian Tunnel At The Conservatory Of Flowers" is rich in simplicity: an acoustic guitar treads the path, very little notes, recurring, a melancholic ambiance that comes to life.
"Small Halo", only 27 seconds, closes this excellent album, further proof, if any were necessary, of great artistic inspiration conveyed in music.
Quality that Ernesto Diaz-Infante possesses.

Label: Pax Recordings
Cat. #: PR90290
Format: CD
Release date: 02/2012

01 - Welcome To San Francisco (00:37)
02 - Sun Hypnotic! (03:29)
03 - Easy To Disappear Into This Fog (08:26)
04 - Yerba Buena (12:23)
05 - A Gentle Reminder (00:21)
06 - The Morning Sun Pours Through The Window (01:59)
07 - Palais Idéal (04:10)
08 - Memories, Like Clouds . . . (02:06)
09 - JT (01:45)
10 - La Casa Encendida (07:50)
11 - Shellacking The Sidewalk (02:02)
12 - The Pedestrian Tunnel At The Conservatory Of Flowers (03:28)
13 - Small Halo (00:27)

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    Ernesto Diaz-Infante @ the Luggage Store Gallery, SF, 2/9/12


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