Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Matt Borghi & Ben Fleury-Steiner - What The Night Leaves Behind

from Vital Weekly # 594:

Of course we came across the name Matt Borghi in the recent weekly's and Ben Fleury-Steiner shouldn't be unknown either, as he is our man behind the excellent Gears Of Sand label.
Not much info can be found on the cover here as to how this collaborative work was conceived.
Maybe the opening piece 'Broken Connection' says it? Through the internet and exchange of sound files? It's a bit of rough edged ambient piece that one, but it's quite nice because of that.
It's the start of journey to five deep ambient landscapes, with the use of analogue and digital synths an samples that add that rough edge to the pieces.
It's ambient that has it's ties, if only very loosely, to industrial music, as it's not always easy sit back and enjoy here. It's a bit stranger than that, but of course not too alarmingly different.
It's a very nice, a bit more experimental ambient than some others, and standing in a longer tradition of ambient industrial of darker ambient.
(Frans de Waard)

Label: Gears Of Sand
Cat. #: GOS 30
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - Broken Connection (8:47)
02 - Tracer (20:54)
03 - Have You (10:55)
04 - Coastal (8:19)
05 - Eyes Of Night (7:10)

Previous releases:

Aidan Baker & Matt Borghi - Undercurrents (2005, Zenapolae, zen007)


Matt Borghi
Ben Fleury-Steiner
Gears Of Sand

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