Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Carl Michael Von Hausswolff - Topophonic Models

from feld website:

Topophonic Models consists of six short pieces aiming to function as an audiographic tableaux describing various dystopical and distant contemporary geocivilian sites, such as an airfield, an oil field etc.
The form is the drone shape originating from works by artists such as Conrad, Niblock, Young and Pade.
Von Hausswolff has used this sonic form for some 20 years now, basically using sine wave generators and other organic sources. This is Hausswolff's third CD focusing on architecture, urbanism etc.

Label: feld
Cat. #: feld 004
Format: CD
Release date: 2006

01 - Empty Oilfield (6:52)
02 - Delta Overview (7:05)
03 - Empty Airfield (7:04
04 - Swamp Overview (7:02)
05 - Distant Skyline (7:16)
06 - Horizon/Plateaux (7:1)


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