Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Paul Bradley - Somatic

Somatic is a mixture of sounds sourced from field recordings that were taken mostly in Spain and Turkey, Cello, Voice, other instruments and various manipulated objects; for example a large sheet of plastic glass.
The resulting drones and textures are fused together to try and create an effective mix of abstracted phonography and more melodic instrumental movements.
Somatic means “of, relating to, or affecting the body; corporeal or physical”. I felt this title particularly suited the work due to its more tangible, telluric, or earthly quality.
Recent releases such as ‘chroma’, have looked upwards and beyond the confines of our normal horizons, whereas Somatic mirrors and reinterprets more conventional surroundings.
Early working titles were based around the idea of being “without eyes” or “without image” and this original concept was carried through with the sleeve design. The focus is on the act of listening away from additional stimuli, leaving the listener to create their own unique interpretations.
(Paul Bradley)

Label: CONV
Cat. #: CNVR15
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - Somatic (47:02)

Paul Bradley

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