Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lasse Marhaug - The Great Silence

from Vital Weekly # 572:

The silence of Marcel Duchamp is over-rated, as Beuys once said, and John Cage found out there is no silence. So if there is no silence, why not go complete opposite?
That's what Lasse Marhaug may have had in mind when he recorded 'The Great Silence' one september day in 2003.
Armed with guitar, amps, pedals, microphones, noise electronix, etc (that presumably is not the laptop that he was armed with for some time after that, before going guitar again), he does 'a Merzbow' here.
Record a full album in one day of ear-splitting noise. Three long tracks that work like monochrome paintings - in black that is.
Mean, dirty and loud and Marhaug is like the son of Masami. Crafting a fine album, which leaves no room for any surprises, which are these days hard to find in the world of noise, but 'The Great Silence' is a sturdy, hefty mark on the scene.
(Frans de Waard)

Label: PACrec / Troniks
Cat. #: PACrec130 / TRO-260
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - Back To Nature (14:47)
02 - The New Sound (29:03)
03 - The Great Silence (8:10)

Other releases:
  • New Forms Of Free Entertainment (1997, Jazzassin Records, JAZZ007) (w/ Aube)
  • Shining To Sea Sea (2002, Helicopter, H 14) (w/ John Wiese)
  • Frozen By Blizzard Winds (2002, Smalltown Supersound, STS 059) (w/ Kevin Drumm)
  • Carnival Of Souls (2005, Thisco, Thisk.24)
  • Into The Pandemonium (2007, Touch, TouchRadio 26) (see here)
Lasse Marhaug
PACrec /Troniks

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