Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fovea Hex - Neither Speak Nor Remain Silent

Here are all three parts of the series “Neither Speak Nor Remain Silent” in a limited box including: Bloom, Huge and Allure.
Quote from Brian Eno: "Some of the most extraordinary songs I've heard in years."


One: Bloom
Die Stadt/Janet records

  • Voices: Clodagh Simonds, Laura Sheeran, Lydia Sasse, Brian Eno
  • Harmoniums: Clodagh Simonds, Roger Eno
  • Violas, Violins: Cora Venus Lunny
  • Disappeared piano: Carter Burwell
  • Keyboards, Zither, Guitars, other interesting things: Clodagh Simonds, Andrew McKenzie, Brian Eno

Two : Huge
Die Stadt/Janet Records

  • Voices: Clodagh Simonds, Laura Sheeran, Lydia Sasse, Sarah McQuaid
  • Keyboards, Harmonium, Odd Sounds, Psalteries, Chimes: Clodagh Simonds
  • Glass and Treated Voices: Roger Doyle
  • Keyboards: Brian Eno
  • Violas, Violins, Strings arrangement: Cora Venus Lunny
  • Shredded Piano: Carter Burwell
  • Subaquatic Fretless Bass: Percy Jones
  • Marsh Warbler & Dipper Field Recordings: Geoff Sample
  • Trumpet: Hugh O'Neill
  • Shifting, Sieving, Tricks of Light: Colin Potter

Three : Allure
Die Stadt/Janet Records

  • Voices: Clodagh Simonds, Laura Sheeran
  • Keyboards, harmonium, glass, zither, odd sounds : Clodagh Simonds
  • Violin: Cora Venus Lunny
  • Cello: John Contreras
  • Guitar: Robert Fripp
  • Treated bodhrans: Donal Lunny
  • Treated bass, guitar: Steven Wilson
  • Piano treatments, melancholia implants, and the 17:10 waverley: north berwick express: Michael Begg
  • Subaquatic fretless bass: Percy Jones
  • Field recordings: Geoff Sample
  • Shifting, sieving, and sleights-of-ear: Colin Potter

Label: Die Stadt
Cat. #: DS89C
Format: 3xCD
Release date: 2007

1-01 - Don't These Windows Open (03:19)
1-02 - We Sleep You Bloom (09:30)
1-03 - That River (04:24)
2-01 - Huge (The Joy Of Trouble) (07:00)
2-02 - A Song For Magda (04:30)
2-03 - While You're Away (07:49)
3-01 - Allure (10:53)
3-02 - Long Distance (07:43)
3-03 - Neither Speak Nor Remain Silent (06:47)

Fovea Hex
Die Stadt

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