Saturday, October 13, 2007

Axel Dörner & Lucio Capece - Axel Dörner & Lucio Capece

from Vital Weekly # 569

By now I hope that the name Axel Dörner is recognized as one of the key players of improvisation music, 'new style'.
Dörner plays trumpet in such a way that it hardly sounds like a trumpet. I am not sure if he is the inventor of this kind of playing but he has been at it for quite some while.
Lucio Capece is a more recent addition (at least, again, from my perspective) to the scene and he plays soprano saxophone and bass clarinet.
Together they sat down in July 2004 at Axel's house to record the two lengthy pieces on this release.
I must say I am intrigued by the word 'mixed' on the cover.
Usually works like this are straight documentations of a concert or an in-studio recording session.
But perhaps this time they made a multi-track recording and mixed it? And if so, are there any overdubs? Sometimes it sounds like that, but perhaps it's my fantasy going wild (again?).
In the fifty or so minutes that this release lasts, they move through a whole range of textures, mostly soft and not too outspoken, but rather depicting a lot of different ways to show one color, like a color field painting.
In that sense it's perhaps good to that this is just two tracks, and not a whole bunch of shorter pieces, so that the idea of one color-many shades is furthermore emphasized.
A great release of improvised music, but I must say also one that holds no real surprise to the trained listener.
(Frans de Waard)

Label: L’innomable
Cat. #:
Format: CDr
Release date: 2007

01 - Untitled (31:22)
02 - Untitled (23:19)

Axel Dörner
Lucio Capece

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