Friday, October 26, 2007

Joe Gilmore - On Quasi-Convergence And Quiet Spaces

from Vital Weekly # 594:

Joe Gilmore, once a member of Powerbooks For Peace and founder of rand()% (automated internet radio), shows how these things should be done. The material is taken from solo computer improvisations from 2002-2004 (mostly as a by-product of group improvisation), but edited in 2007.
Of course it's hard to say what amount here is the raw improvisation and what portion is editing, but Gilmore does a fine job.
Things buzz, beep, crack and cut in the truest fashion of microsound and beyond - meaning: louder (sometimes even Mego like) - in quite hypnotic pieces of computer music. Loud and vicious at times, but also ambient and minimal in 'U+221E', the closing piece of the CD.
For those who love the lesser harsh noise on labels as Mego and Alku, this Joe Gilmore is something worth looking for, be it not entirely new, but a great work anyway.
(Frans de Waard)

Label: Cut
Cat. #: cut 023
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - X-Null (11:05)
02 - Shunya (7:06)
03 - 1.0359 8247 9917 (0:57)
04 - Lambda (5:30)
05 - U+221E (19:26)

Other releases:

Jim Brouwer, Paul Emery, Joe Gilmore, Tom Knapp, Ed Martin, Alex Peverett - Poulenc (2007, Conv, CNV40)

Joe Gilmore

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