Friday, October 26, 2007

Sillage - Sillage

from Vital Weekly # 593

Both Seth Nehil and Brendan Murray have a vast catalogue behind their names of both solo works and collaborative ones.
Together they have worked since 2003, when they played a set together at the Intransitive festival and then later some more in New York. Much of what they did together is at the basis of this disc.
They have a strong interest in both field recordings and computer processings thereof. It's hard to tell from these eight pieces what is what, but it seems obvious that things work alongside eachother.
Especially Murray's work in this field is great (and much underrated). Controlled atmospheric electric charges, contact microphones scratching the surface and plug ins constantly rework what is on hand, and the result is a densely knitted field of work.
Perhaps obvious work in the field of microsound, phonography and such like, but this is a great recording, as far as I'm concerned.
(Frans de Waard)

Label: Sedimental
Cat. #: sedcd049
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - Ebb/Cess (3:07)
02 - Runs Toward Needles (3:29)
03 - Clothes Tear (6:23)
04 - Underneath A Portrait (4:38)
05 - Wake Of Scent 1 (2:48)
06 - Wake Of Scent 2 (3:17)
07 - Feet Wrap Around Chair (9:59)
08 - Waving (9:11)

Brendan Murray's previous releases:

Resting Places (2005, Sedimental, sedcd039)

Wonders Never Cease (2006, Intransitive, INT027)

Seth Nehil's previous releases:

Stria (2002, Erewhon, CDWhON008) (w/ JGrzinich)

Confluence (2003, Intransitive, INT022) (w/ JGrzinich)

Sunder, Unite (2003, Sedimental, sedcd034) (w/ Olivia Block)

Gyre (2006, Cut, cut 018) (w/ JGrzinich)

Amnemonic Site (2007, Alluvial Recordings, A28)


Brendan Murray
Seth Nehil

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