Thursday, October 4, 2007

Maurizio Bianchi & Craig Hilton - PU 94

"Built in a laborious radioactive atmosphere, this electro-atomic work is finding several dwarf eccentric sounds nearly equal to combinations scientifically distinguished in non-arbitrary limits and arbitrary fractions.
The declared proton velocity of every sonorous period is systematically moving between observatory longitudes, supporting implications across the typical outlining positrons.
The metagenetic "PU 94" is influenced by theoretical accelerators and faintness proximities to useful investigations. An angular nucleus resulted in the calculation of the technologic radiology changes the extreme categories of occultated particles.
Significantly sublimated from some unusual gamma rays, the erosive modulations have isotopic resonance with the gravitational fission between the avant-gardist longitudes, while the elements system knocks out a captured fusion.
The authors simply offer a relativistic definition of what they suspected all along: the experimental knowledge might not be so frequent and easy, merely conservative."
(Maurizio Bianchi)

Label: Simple Logic Records
Cat. #: simlog041
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - PU (34:41)
02 - 94 (21:23)

Maurizio Bianchi
Craig Hilton
Simple Logic Records

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