Saturday, September 1, 2007

Tim Catlin - Radio Ghosts

from Vital Weekly # 579:

...something similar we can say of Tim Catlin's Radio Ghosts. He's also from down there [Australia] and the only time his name popped in Vital Weekly (388) was when we discussed his Slow Twitch CD on Dr Jim's Records (which is really run by a doctor). Much water has passed under the bridge, and here is the second CD by Catlin (that we know of).
Catlin plays his guitars by using objects to get resonating sounds out of the strings. Small motor devices such as ventilators and e-bows are placed in such a way that overtones occur. Glenn Branca used a real ensemble to create this, Remko Scha ropes and wires and Keith Rowe already the ventilator.
What Catlin does is hardly to be called 'new', and the review of his previous CD ended with the suggestion that he should find new ways to create his music and not stick around with this, so perhaps it's a pity that he did stick around this sound. He could easily produce another ten or so of these kind of works, but it would be good to see some progression. Four or so years would be enough to get something moving, I'd say.
But as such this CD is quite nice. The pieces he plays are done nice and executed with style and a keen ear for subtle changes. So in that aspect there is no let down.
(Frans de Waard)

Label: 23five
Cat. #: 23five011
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - Hysterisis (07:37)
02 - Zumbido (10:22)
03 - Black Magnet (05:50)
04 - Radio Ghosts (06:00)
05 - Everything Must Go (06:48)
06 - Mirage (12:02)


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