Saturday, September 15, 2007

Giuseppe Ielasi - August

from 12k blog:

August takes a more linear approach to Ielasi’s composing with sounds stretched like like layers of gauze forming a thick, soft blanket.
Utilizing piano, hammond organ, guitars, dobro, synthesizers and shortwave radio, Ielasi creates deep, warm drones and suspended, scratchy melodies with a hint of despair and melancholy that make this a very introspective album. His trademark guitar and live approach to instrumentation are in the forefront yet set behind an expertly processed veil of subtle electronics.
The textures are unabashedly acoustic but buried and moody enough as to question their origin. August is a haunting, but beautiful album that falls neatly between the starkness of Gesine and the scattering rhythmic complexity of s/t.
Like music for a farewell, an ending of ends, August is moody, static, slow and emotional.

Label: 12k
Cat. #: 12k1044
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - Untitled (07:26)
02 - Untitled (07:52) Testo alternativo accessibile
03 - Untitled (07:55) Testo alternativo accessibile
04 - Untitled (06:02)
05 - Untitled (08:37) Testo alternativo accessibile

Giuseppe Ielasi

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