Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Hafler Trio - Ignotum Per Ignotius

The seventh re-issue in Korm Plastics' series of works by The Hafler Trio, originally releases on CD by Touch, in large card and glassine paper wallet with 32 page booklet.
Copies ordered direct from the label come with an Ignotum Per Ignotius pin.

"Something approached, and it was embraced, thorns piercing the anonymous functions and the ways in which all the secrets had been help in high esteem.
Traces of the places yet to come, and those to be left far behind. the first outing in the digital domain, and all the difference the day made when it appeared, startling those in need of a jolly good lie down. and so it went, out with the new and in with the old.
Dressed up to the (significant number), polished so that even the lowliest louse can admire themselves in the obsidian entities we call an aid to beauty. Without a doubt, the flowering of nothing evil, but certainly the full spectrum of the shades. and a small wander through some of them.
Unable to be be defeated, it carries on with a huge flag at the beginning of the procession."
(The Hafler Trio)

Label: Korm Plastics
Cat. #: Paragraph 39, Subsection 11
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - Ignotum Per Ignotius (36:42)
1a - Before
1b - Materia Confusa
1c - Calcination
1d - Aqua Ardens
1e - Sublimation
1f - Condensation
1g - Crystallization
1h - Albification
1i - Solification
1j - Nigredo
1k - Journey In The Dark
1l - The Inner
1m - Words Of Power
1n - Gold From The Blackness
1o - After

The Hafler Trio
Korm Plastics

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