Monday, September 3, 2007

Uton - Alitaju Ylimina

from Dekorder website:

…inspirations from psychedelia to free jazz to pure ecstatic drones and noises using a wide range of acoustic instruments from various parts of the globe and a bulk of electronics. recorded in glorious lo-fi the mystery of hirvonen’s sound is difficult to pinpoint; sheer ravishing beauty, elegancy and variegation is stashed behind a wall of grey, inscrutable haze – gorgeous melodies and voices, reeds and alien sounds gleaming through the mist from time to time, shimmering like diamonds through layers of dust.

Label: Dekorder
Cat. #: Dekorder 020
Format: LP
Release date: 2007

A1 - Untitled (09:34)
A2 - Untitled (06:24)
B1 - Untitled (03:10)
B2 - Untitled (10:37)
B3 - Untitled (10:41)


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