Wednesday, September 5, 2007

(etre) - Voices Stomp Flames For Requiem Times

from Salvatore Borrelli (etre) website:

This work is the sequel of "post-fordist" but more tough, experimental & folk... in a style more noticeable intentions of radical electronica & the last frontiers of folk.
The work is based on 4 long tracks for a total of 42 minutes, approximately; more a video made by Virgili Villoresi called "Dear dead woman (for Paul Celan)" organized with images of home movies without copyright. this is a collection of intimate moments of dead lives very hipnotic ans strange.

Label: Ruralfaune
Cat. #:
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - Are You Here To Stay (For Ives Bonnefoy) (11:24)
02 - To Provoke A Fire Beyond Your Shutters (For Ivano Ferrari) (07:26)
03 - These Birds Say To Me ''It's Hard To Live!'' (For Vittorio Sereni) (12:30)
04 - We Do Boring Things Togheter (For Philippe Sollers) (11:00)
05 - Dear Dead Woman (For Paul Celan) (08:33)


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