Thursday, September 20, 2007

M.B. - Symphony For A Genocide

Symphony For A Genocide came out in 1981, after some releases on tape for this Italian Industrialist.
On this album, MB construct brutal, hallucinatory blasts of electronic noise and grinding rhythms of hand-cut tape noise and overblown synthetic distortion.
These, bleak chilling drones are reminiscent of Conrad Schnitzler at his most neurotic, Nurse With Wound at their most droning, and Whitehouse at their least annoying.
MB's very prolific career in the early 80's with more than a dozen records was cut short in 1984 at which time he declared himself a Jehovah's Witness and ceased making music until recently when he finally returned to the blackened ambience of old.
Symphony For A Genocide is the first M.B. album, reissued now by Hospital Productions label.

Label: Hospital Productions, W.M.O./r
Cat. #: HOS-183, w.m.o/r30
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - Treblinka (9:10)
02 - Auschwitz (3:54)
03 - Maidanek (6:34)
04 - Auschwitz (Reprise) (3:42)
05 - Belzec (7:12)
06 - Chelmno (6:21)
07 - Sobibor (9:52)
08 - Accop (6) Ehte (3:05)
09 - Sordide Sentimental (2:50)
10 - Anesthesie Total (3:11)

Hospital Productions

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