Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Machinefabriek With Anne Bakker & Greg Haines - Koploop

from Vital Weekly # 593:

And of course there is Machinefabriek, who in this week's contribution to world of music works with soundsources supplied by Greg Haines (cello) and Anne Bakker (violin), whereas Zuydervelt himself plays guitar, banjo, organ, laptop, memorecorders and effects.
The piece is separated in two parts, flowing into eachother.
First there is ten minutes of careful strumming long sustaining sounds. Here all instruments are hard to decipher, even when there are subtle waves above the rest.
In the second part, things are more recognizable and each instrument, especially the violin and cello play melodic bits that are more there upfront in the mix and things almost turn semi-classical there for change.
Nice, subtle music, especially the second part of the piece which provides a new alley for Machinefabriek. One of the finer moments among the already fine moments.
(Frans de Waard)

Label: Machinefabriek
Cat. #: CD20
Format: CDr, Mini
Release date: 2007

01 - Koploop (20:00)

Anne Bakker
Greg Haines

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