Thursday, September 13, 2007

Antonio Della Marina - Fades

From Vital Weekly # 536:

Antonio Della Marina studied musical and performing arts in Bologna, focussing on american experimental music. Primarily his work deals with 'sequencies, frequencies and phase of sine waves and the essential characteristics of sound itself'. 'Fades' was already started in 2001 as an audio installation, of four 32 hertz pitches in a dark room and by putting them on random loop, the piece changed throughout. The version of 'Fades' on this CD is not a stereo mix of the installation piece, but rather a live version that was performed in 2003. The piece lasts one hour and is a beautiful sine wave like piece along the lines of 'Music On A Long Thin Wire' by Alvin Lucier. Sounds move slowly around, fading in and fading out, reappearing every now and then. Unlike Lucier, whose pieces can be menacing at times, Della Marina plays everything with a much softer touch, more gentle. The piece itself is not really recorded very loud, but it's best to play it at a moderate volume, so that it fills your environment. If you move through your own environment you will notice small changes in the pitch. Like you are playing the piece too. That is simply a great effort. Beautiful and relaxing work.
(Frans de Waard)

Label: I Dischi Di Angelica
Cat. #: ida 022
Format: CD
Release date: 2006

01 - Fades (60:00)

Antonio Della Marina
I Dischi Di Angelica

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