Wednesday, September 5, 2007

M. Rösner & Gareth Hardwick - Silhouettes1

from Vital weekly # 592:

Silhouettes is a series of four discs with each two artists, face to face, with about twelve minutes of music. None of the first four names did ring a bell, but there are certainly stylistically similarities to be spotted around here.
On the first release is M. Rösner, who released his work on 12x50, Room 40 and Apestaartje, and who is set to explore here the nature of cello like guitar playing, whereas in his second piece he plays around with feedback and sine waves.
His final piece has sampled percussion which is quite loaded with tension. Hardwick comes from England and he plays sampled piano. Sampled not in an entirely digital way, but through those nice food pedals that guitarists use. In his first piece the piano is recognizable, but in the second it could be anything that swells to and from to make a nice drone piece.
(Frans de Waard)

Label: hellosQuare Recordings
Cat. #: Cube010
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - M. Rösner - 180706 - Untitled (3:14)
02 - M. Rösner - 200706 - Wabi (4:26)
03 - M. Rösner - 240706 - Hap (5:02)
04 - Gareth Hardwick - A Good Time To Be Lonely Part 1 (3:13)
05 - Gareth Hardwick - A Good Time To Be Lonely Part 2 (10:01)

M. Rösner
Gareth Hardwick
hellosQuare Recordings

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