Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jason Kahn / Norbert Möslang / Günter Müller - Signal To Noise Vol. 3

from Vital Weekly # 577:

We find Jason Kahn (analog synthesizer, percussion), Norbert Möslang (cracked everyday electronics) and Günter Müller (ipod, percussion, electronics) with recordings made, again at YCAM and also at Tokyo University.
Of course we know Kahn and Müller as people that play some highly introspective music, it's however Möslang who takes both players by the hand and lead them into a wholly new area: that of rhythmic music - back to the roots of both Kahn and Müller as it were. Möslang introduces Pan Sonic like rhythms made out of cracking everyday electronics as a carpet for the others to play their likewise more rhythmic outings. It cracks, sizzles, hisses in every inch of the sound spectrum.
Densely layered, but always held together by the ongoing rhythm. Even some 'real' percussion is to be recognized in here.
This may have caused a ripple or two in the audience, if they were true lovers of improvised music, since the ongoing rhythm is a very uncommon feature in that area.
The very particles of the separate sounds could make a great minimal dance piece, again not unlike Pan Sonic, but these three players stay away from that, keeping it safely floating around in a more free improvised setting, which is a great move.
(Frans de Waard)

Label: For 4 Ears
Cat. #: CD 1865
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - Untitled (17:41)
02 - Untitled (9:34)
03 - Untitled (6:52)
04 - Untitled (10:19)

Günter Müller
Jason Kahn
Norbert Möslang
For 4 Ears

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