Friday, September 14, 2007

Eric Malmberg - Verklighet & Beat

Eric Malmberg’s music is a small miracle.
I don’t want to call him a genius, because I don’t want to jinx him. But I will say that he’s a complete original, in addition to being a vastly talented musician.
I will also say that his recordings and the two performances that I saw by Sagor & Swing merit a place on a short list of most enjoyed musical experiences of the last half decade.
I could bleat about the quality of the work, but “most enjoyed” to me carries the stronger charge. Verklighet & Beat, meaning “Reality & Beat” (as opposed to “Sagor & Swing”: “Fairytales and Swing”), is a second high point in Eric Malmberg’s career. The first came with 2001’s Orgelfärger, the first album by Sagor & Swing. S & S were the duo of Eric on his beloved Hammond organ and Ulf Möller on sympathetic, timeless drums.
The obvious comparison was to Hansson & Karlsson, the Swedish organ and drums duo from the 1970s. Indeed, Eric is the author of a number of comic books detailing the adventures of Hansson & Karlsson. (He’s also the author of the comic Happy Hammond in Slumberland.)
Bo Hansson returned the favor by giving him an organ—as well as by appearing on synthesizer on Verklighet & Beat. Verklighet & Beat is paradigmatic of Häpna in that its execution is improbably beautiful. It’s better in practice than in theory. And Eric Malmberg’s vision now radiates color.
(David Grubbs)

Label: Häpna
Cat. #: H.34
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - Finalen (04:42) Testo alternativo accessibile
02 - Min Kompis Anton (04:24)
03 - Till Minne Av Lilly Lindström (04:28) Testo alternativo accessibile
04 - Slutet På En Epok (03:46)
05 - Leksand, Tidigt Nittiotal (04:09)
06 - Söndagskonsert (03:09)
07 - Milda Döden Hämtar Oss Alla Till Slut (03:56)
08 - Ackordflödet Och Evigheten (03:44)
09 - Varat Fanns Någonstans I Röran (04:56)
10 - Styx (04:38)

Eric Malmberg

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