Friday, September 7, 2007

Fourm Remixes Steinbrüchel - Knot 3

from Smallfish website:

Mike's joint release of the week - strictly limited to 100 copies - this new release from BG Nichols (aka Smallfish favourite Level) is a fascinating and very beautiful exploration of ultra-minimali micro composition and deconstruction. Having discovered a recording of a Ralph Steinbruchel live set entitled 'Box' he set about getting permission from the artist to rework the pieces from the CD in his own inimitable style.
Packaged in a plastic wallet with a set of 4 postcards featuring some rather nice minimalist artwork, the audio content is a re-imagining of the source material using electronic processing to add layers of depth and sparse beauty to the original. Strictly minimalist, the work is a series of beautifully cultivated layers and rhythmic elements that sits somewhere between his micro-fine high frequency work as Si_Comm and the more lush melancholy ambient sound of his Level project.
The effect is strangely soothing, yet has enough edge and background layering to reward thorough listening. That said, however, there's a real ambient overtone, particularly to the first track, 'Knot 3' and this gentle way of easing the listener into the CD pays dividends. By the time you reach 'Knot 2' you're greeted by an altogether more rhythmic and angular piece of work that, once again, manages to retain a calm and hypnotic feeling whilst dislocating you with off-kilter drops and stutters. The underlying drone is a thing of great beauty and accentuates the overtly a-tonal sound that plays across in tandem with the rhythms.
The final track, 'Knot 1', is yet another superb example of depth in drone. A pulsating and, no doubt speaker shaking bass rumbling bottom end collides with a menacing series of foreground tones that, at times, seem to be trying to communicate with you. I wouldn't be at all surprised if there's a hint of manipulated vocal in there somewhere. Sci-fi minimalism with attitude and the sort of oceanic depth and subtlety that fans of Richard Chartier, Line, Raster Noton or NVO will be extremely pleased tohear. Really a fabulous release.

Label: White_Line Editions
Cat. #: WLED001
Format: CDr
Release date: 2007

01 - Knot 3 (07:04)
02 - Knot 2 (07:03)
03 - Knot 1 (08:24)

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