Monday, September 3, 2007

Labels: 23five Inc.

from 23five Inc. website:
23five Incorporated is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development and increased awareness of sound works in the public arena, and to the support and education of artists working with and discussing the medium of sound.
23five was founded in 1993, and secured federal 501(c)(3) status in 1995. We define sound works as: artistic endeavors that are primarily concerned with the use of sound, but fall outside of what is normally considered "music." This includes but is not limited to: recordings, radio transmissions, performances, installations, sound sculpture, site specific public art, and new media arts.

Current Members: Randy H.Y. Yau, Jim Haynes, Loren Chasse, Maria Jenerik
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Area: Experimental, Noise, Field Recordings


Cat. # Artist Title Format
23five 001 VV.AA. Interference (CD)
23five 002 Michael Gendreau 55 Pas De La Ligne Au No. 3 (CD)
23five 003 Tetsuo Furudate + Zbigniew Karkowski World As Will II (CD)
23five 004 Coelacanth The Glass Sponge (CD)
23five 005 Gum Vinyl Anthology (2xCD)
23five 006 John Bischoff Aperture (CD)
23five 007 Francisco López Live In San Francisco (CD)
23five 008 John Duncan & Carl Michael von Hausswolff Our Telluric Conversation (CD)
23five 009 Jean-Francois Laporte Soundmatters (CD)
23five 010 Tarab Wind Keeps Even Dust Away (CD)
23five 011 Tim Catlin Radio Ghost (CD)
23five 012 Chop Shop Oxide (CD)
23five 013 Brendan Murray Commonwealth (CD)
23five 014 Tarab Take All The Ships From The Harbour, And Sail Them Straight Into Hell (CD)
23five 015 Jason Kahn Vanishing Point (CD)
23five 016Richard GaretAreal(CD)
23five 017
23five 018
23five 019
Helmut Schäfer
Thought Provoking III
I'm Lost
23F/SFM 901 VV.AA. Ju-Jikan: 10 Hours Of Sound From Japan (2xCD)
23F/SFM 902 VV.AA. Variable Resistance: 10 Hours Of Sound From Australia (CD)
23F/SFM 903 VV.AA. 33 RPM: 10 Hours Of Sound From France (CD)
none VV.AA. Activating The Medium: 01.26.07 (2xCD-R, Ltd)
none VV.AA. Activating The Medium: 01.27.07 (2xCD-R, Ltd)
none VV.AA. Surface Tension: The Probematics Of Site (CD + book)
none Brendan Murray Live Free Or Die (CD-R)

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