Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sleeparchive & Antti Rannisto - Untitled

from Smallfish website:

When you think about Sleeparchive you think about minimalism and when you combine that minimalism with 12k and's Antti Rannisto you end up with a sound that's dense, packed with atmosphere and yet stripped back to bone. There are 2 key ingredients here and they are reduction and a healthy nod to the works of Pan Sonic... and I don't think either artist would mind me saying that. Rather than being a collaborative work this CD takes the form of a split work with Sleeparchive providing the first 5 tracks and Rannisto delivering thelast 5.
To say that this is an essential piece of modern contemporary music is an understatement, in my opinion, as this it's utterly monumental. Deep, heavyweight sub bass, reduced abstract and techno-influenced percussion and the ever-present icy cold textural tone that's massively compelling.
Constructed with care and a keen ear for sensory dislocation both artists really get to grips with the vibes although, for me, Rannisto slightly edges it with 2 simply amazing tracks.Using his knack for hypnotic rhythms and repetitive sounds he's layered them up with susprisingly lush background textures that serve as a brilliant counterpoint for the more austere forground sounds. Essentially a classy piece of work and one that I have no hesitation in recommending at all. Superb.

Label: Sleeparchive
Cat. #: ZZZCD1
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - Sleeparchive - Radio (00:40)
02 - Sleeparchive - Hospital 07 (03:43)
03 - Sleeparchive - Hospital 08 (02:50)
04 - Sleeparchive - Pulkovo (13:30)
05 - Sleeparchive - Continuous Tone (02:49)
06 - Antti Rannisto - Untitled Space (04:05)
07 - Antti Rannisto - Shared Space (03:20)
08 - Antti Rannisto - Ääniesineitä 3 Live (07:25)
09 - Antti Rannisto - Colors (10:11)
10 - Antti Rannisto - Number (08:07)

Antti Rannisto

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