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Tzesne - Cliffs Under The Mist

"Quarry Cavila. Region of Salas de los Infantes. Burgos. (...) The excavation is an old marine bottom habited in the Lower Jurassic by Ichthyosaurs, Ammonoids and Belemnites … It's excessively hot, and it will be necessary to protect the microphones and the rest of the equipment with some providential shade. I definitively abandon them for hours to the fury of the sun and they record how the sea retires and leaves the Earth naked, (...) Second, third and fourth days crossing the precipices (...) In the walls and grounds of this sterile place the fossilized remains and sediments fight to continue being, they are everywhere. But sometimes, when the fog enters and it covers everything, you can feel the depth ___ just with the hindrance of the wind."
(Txesus Garate)

from Vital Weekly #595:

From the Basque territory hails Tzesne, who has been a regular feature in Vital Weekly for he has had releases on Drone Records, Tibprod, Antifrost and his own Series Negras label. It was perhaps only a matter of time before his name would pop in the Mystery Sea catalogue, as Tzesne plays unearthly and under-worldly drone music.
If I understood correctly he uses field recordings here from an old marine bottom located in the region of Salas De Los Infantes' in Burgos, which he then in the studio processed to this three piece suite. It's I think for Tzesne quite a relaxing and calm work and doesn't quite has the the louder undercurrents that some of his previous work had.
Maybe he was trying to make a work that fitted the label, but in any case these three flowing (pun intended) pieces are drone like in the highest degree, spacious and moving, soft and not outspoken. Music that goes well with nocturnal walks along cliffs, although it might also be too spooky. Nothing new under the ambient sun of Mystery Sea (or should that be moon?), but one of the better works in their catalogue.
(Frans de Waard)

For his MS excursion, Tzesne permeated himself with the surroundings of an old marine bottom located in the region of Salas de los Infantes (Burgos), next to the Basque country... A panorama of eroded cliffs standing there in a belt in a rather wild nature, a sort of paleontological museum in the open air, gave the impulse to the project...

On "Cliffs under the mist", you can feel the fallen night veil on the stone crests
reshaped by the wind...
An hidden land lying behind the dew, a long opaque flow...
- rain has laminated the fields
and tones of earth come to the surface
through past fissures...
A language of veins,
& exhaled fossilized memories
petrified by time... -

"Cliffs under the mist" is another invitation to see through and caress that interior sea which is our true spine...

Label: Mystery Sea
Cat. #: MS41
Format: CDr, Limited Edition
Release date: 2007

01 - The Path (19:57)
02 - Sunburnt Skin (12:48) Testo alternativo accessibile
03 - By The Dry Sea... By The Falling Leaves (17:20) Testo alternativo accessibile

Previous releases:
  • Kraken (La Leyenda) (2003, Series Negras, Series Negras 004)
  • Single 57 (2004, TIBProd., MP3-Single 57)
  • Huffduff (2005, Drone Records, DR-74)
  • One Side And Other Of The Door (2005, Series Negras, Series Negras 005)
  • Time Of Bonfires (2005, TIBProd., TIBCD049)
Mystery Sea

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