Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Jon Mueller - Metals

from Vital Weekly #597:

So far we mostly came across the name Jon Mueller as part of an improvising group, a real group, but hardly by himself. Not very strange, since Mueller is well respected improviser on the drums. His last solo CD, ‘What’s Lost Is Something Important. What’s Found Is Something Not Revealed’ was reviewed in Vital Weekly 457.
Yet it’s far away from his new solo effort ‘Metals’. The previous sounded like an exploration into the world of electro-acoustic objects, which happened to be anything remotely related to the drumkit. Here on ‘Metals’ the drumkit is the central piece, and not, as the title may suggest the sound of metal. The metal here is heavy metal, the musical genre, to which this owes more than to improvised music. The music is loud, but has lots of detail. Sometimes it dies out in a long sustain, but then Mueller takes control and bangs like hell.
Heavy metal? Yeah sure, stripped down to the drums that is. Minimal music it is also. The bangs take on for some time until the overtones start ringing around - this is after all on Table Of The Elements. It’s that, rather than improvised music.
This seems to me to be more planned, composed if you will, than improvised. A powerful statement, perhaps inspired by a youth in heavy metal, and certainly something different. A very fine solo release.
(Frans de Waard)

Label: Table Of The Elements
Cat. #: TOE-CD-108
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - Trace Essential (09:46)
02 - Homeostatic (12:12)
03 - Mineral Balance (11:28)

About Jon Mueller on this blog:

Tim Catlin / Jon Mueller - Plates And Wires (2007, Crouton, crou037)



Jon Mueller
Table Of The Elements

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