Sunday, November 25, 2007

La Mar Enfortuna - Convivencia

from Tzadik website:

Featuring the velvety vocals of Jennifer Charles and the imaginative arrangements of Oren Bloedow, the cutting edge downtown band Elysian Fields is an original blend of pop, funk and rock. Their first Tzadik CD, La Mar Enfortuna is a sensuous and lyrical interpretation of traditional Sephardic melodies and is one of the best selling cds in the Tzadik catalog. This is the long awaited follow up and features Oren and Jennifer along with some of the best young players out of the downtown scene.

Oren Bloedow: Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Oud
Jennifer Charles: Vocals, Omnichord
Ted Reichman: Accordion, Bass, Piano
Robert DiPietro: Drums
Brahim Fribgane: Oud, Dumbek, Vocals
Doug Weiselman: Clarinets, Baritone Sax

Special Guests:
Ljova Zhurbin: Viola
Chuscales: Guitar
Liaqat Khan: Vocals
Benjamin Lapidus: Tres

Label: Tzadik
Cat. #: 8120
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - La Puerta del Rio (05:40)
02 - Aman Minush (04:14)
03 - Ya Kalbi Khalli Al Hal (06:06)
04 - Pali Mou Kanis To Vari (06:36)
05 - El Eliyahu (04:26)
06 - Gacela Del Amor Que No Se Deja Ver (05:05)
07 - Dhen Me Toumbaris (05:20)
08 - Convivencia (05:13)
09 - Persona Soy Yo, El Buen Sidi (03:47)
10 - 25 Rats And A Dove (03:40)

Previous releases:

Oren Bloedow And Jennifer Charles - La Mar Enfortuna (2001, Tzadik, 7146)


La Mar Enfortuna

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