Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Robert Ashley & Walter Marchetti - October 25, 2001. Merkin Concert Hall NYC

This double LP documents a very special and significant live event, held in 2001 at the Merkin Hall in NYC, where Robert Ashley chose the Italian composer Walter Marchetti to perform some pieces together.
Choose Records makes now available five compositions of that live act: "Nei Mari Del Sud. Musica In Secca" (as excerpt of the same piece published by Alga Marghen) and a variation of “De Musicorum Infelicitate”, both performed by Marchetti.
The other pieces are executed by Ashley: "Yes, But Is It Edible?" (with the participation of the composer Thomas Buckner), “Practical Anarchism” (previously issued as a text and here transposed in music), "Musica Per Un Bicchiere Non Molto Grande" (conceived by Marchetti).
A unique and unrepeatable chance to live again that night of October 25th, 2001.

Label: Choose Records
Cat. #: Choose11LP
Format: 2xLP
Release date: 2007
Notes: edition of 300 copies

A1 - Walter Marchetti - Nei Mari Del Sud. Musica In Secca (25:00)
B1 - Walter Marchetti - De Musicorum Infelicitate Una Variazione Dolente (06:13)
C1 - Robert Ashley - Yes, But Is It Edible? (27:30)
D1 - Robert Ashley - Practical Anarchism (08:20)
D2 - Walter Marchetti - Musica Per Un Bicchiere Non Molto Grande (02:40)

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