Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mats Gustafsson / Johan Berling / David Stackenäs / Magnus Broo - Boots Brown

A Swedish quartet formed by a reedist (Mats Gustafsson), a trumpeter (Magnus Broo), David Stackenäs on guitar and Johan Bertling on bass.
Their debut album is a blend of free improvisation and experimental jazz (perhaps with a prevalence of this last aptitude).
"Boots Brown" leaves a sensation of a substantial uniformity, despite the presence of recurring changes of phase; the sound transmits a concrete melancholy and appears surrounded by a clouded light.
A work of rare intimacy.

Label: Slottet
Cat. #: SLM7CD
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - Knee-High (01:45)
02 - Teak Industrial Trailblazer (03:55)
03 - Gaucho Volcano (10:04)
04 - Mid Calf (05:51)
05 - Black Industrial Greasy (11:26)
06 - Bark Industrial Grizzly (05:51)
07 - Rigger Boots (01:51)

David Stackenäs
Magnus Broo
Mats Gustafsson

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