Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bowline - Bowline

After three years of silence, Sonoris is back in 2007 with two releases: a Kozo Inada’s work and this CD, titled “Bowline” as well as those who conceived it.
Bowline is a duo of musicians: David Maranha (Osso Exótico, plus a soloist activity) who plays hammond organ, violin and electronics whereas Francesco Dillon (firstly member of Alter Ego group) deals with the cello.
Based on four tracks, it's a work of absolute uniformity and simplicity (these elements make it beautiful) that would not disfigure if compared with other illustrious pieces of minimalistic tradition.
The first three tracks are linked in a continuous progression, dominated by a melodic flow, that generates a crepuscular atmosphere. The fourth is almost similar, but more structured, with a variety of resonant textures and incidental drones, hypnotic fluctuations, cello vibrations.
Undoubtedly a successful interaction between these two artists.

Label: Sonoris
Cat. #: sns-04
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - Untitled (04:12)
02 - Untitled (05:10) Testo alternativo accessibile
03 - Untitled (05:36)
04 - Untitled (21:57)

David Maranha
Francesco Dillon

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