Friday, February 22, 2008

Organum - Omega

David Jackman is an artist who occupies a place apart in the experimental music scene: it's difficult to categorize his works or guess his moves.
“Organum” is a solo project that exists since over two decades, transforming itself or adding new implications in the course of time.
In 2006 David conceived a trilogy of compositions related each other by a common shape as well as by a spiritual/sacral attribute representing their guideline.
This trilogy, beginning with “Sanctus” (issued by Robot Records) and continuing with “Amen” (on Die Stadt), reaches the end with “Omega” (on the German label again) made up of three segments, each having a duration of 15 minutes.
The structure of the tracks is quite similar, almost identical: the first starts with a church organ that creates a whirling drone 14 minutes long, whereas the fifteenth is a minute of silence that introduces to the second track. This one resumes the hypnotic atmosphere till the fourteenth minute, then another pause and so on for the third piece.
Differences among the parts are recognizable in intensity and depth of the resonances and undulations, but what rules is a persistent repetition of the scheme until the end. An end that leads to the beginning.

Label: Die Stadt
Cat. #: DS101
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - Omega I (15:12)
02 - Omega II (15:12)
03 - Omega III (15:12)

Other releases of the trilogy:

Sanctus (2006, Robot Records, RR-35)

01 - Sanctus I (10:59)
02 - Sanctus II (10:59)
03 - Sanctus III (10:59)
04 - Sanctus IV (10:59)

Amen (2006, Die Stadt, DS95)

01 - Amen I (20:01)
02 - Amen II (20:04)


Die Stadt

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