Friday, February 8, 2008

Adam Lane Quartet - Buffalo

The sensations given by a live event, force and fascination of a live performance are often a difficult thing to transfer on CD.
Not always, but sometimes the purpose is perfectly achieved…as in this case.
Product of a session at Buffalo’s Soundlab, NY, in February 2005, this recording is an excellent documentation of that event, reproducing the pure energy transmitted by it.
A trio of absolute protagonists of the jazz scene (Adam Lane on bass, Vinny Golia on saxophone and Vijay Anderson on drums) that becomes a quartet on four tracks (thanks to the contribution of the trumpeter Paul Smoker).
The more significant aspect of this album is an extraordinary interaction among the players, who succeed to reach a particular balance, a unity of intents and action which unleash emotional impulses.
Free improvisation in great measure, but also melodic nuances (“Spin with the EARth”), smooth passages (“Without Being” at its starting phase, with an impressive Lane’s solo that leaves space to Smoker and Golia, both in evidence for the rest of the piece), again, the peaceful atmosphere created by the Golia's flute (“Free”) followed by a compulsive free improv act.
Frenetic passages alternate with more meditative moments, after which suddenly the rhythm grows again (the beautiful final track “Lucia's First Breath”).
So genuine, so real, so free…

Adam Lane: bass
Vinny Golia: tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
Paul Smoker: trumpet (on tracks 1, 2, 4, 5)
Vijay Anderson: drums

Label: Cadence Jazz Records
Cat. #: CJR 1193
Format: CD
Release date: 2007
Notes: Recorded at Soundlab, Buffalo NY, February 25, 2005 by Steve Baczkowski.

01 - Spin with the EARth (16:37)
02 - Without Being (16:53)
03 - Free (09:24)
04 - In Our Time (06:54)
05 - Lucia's First Breath (14:58)

Adam Lane
Vinny Golia
Paul Smoker
Vijay Anderson
Cadence Jazz Records

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