Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2011 Favorites by Dale Lloyd

Top 20+1 Favorite Releases From 2011 (alphabetical by first letter):

  • ADOLF WOLFLI & BAUDOUIN DE JAER: The Heavenly Ladder (Sub Rosa) CD + book
  • CHRISTINA KUBISCH: Magnetic Flights (Important Records) CD
  • CHRISTINA KUBISCH: Mono Fluido (Important Records) CD
  • CHRIS WATSON: El Tren Fantasma (Touch) CD
  • CHRIS WATSON & MARCUS DAVIDSON: Cross-Pollination (Touch) CD
  • CINDYTALK: Hold Everything Dear (Editons Mego) CD
  • ERNST KAREL: Swiss Mountain Transport Systems (Gruenrekorder) CD
  • FENNESZ & RYUICHI SAKAMOTO: Flumina (Touch) CD x 2
  • HARALD GROSSKOPF: Synthesist (igetrvng) LP reissue
  • MICHAEL NORTHAM'S OWL SONGS: Shapeshifter (Orogenetics) CDR
  • ORELEDIGNEUR: Alpi (Senufo Editions) LP
  • PATRICE SCIORTINO: Chronordial (Omni Recording Corporation) CD
  • PETER THOMAS SOUND ORCHESTRA: Mysteries Of The Gods (Polydor) CD reissue
  • PETER THOMAS SOUND ORCHESTRA: Orion 2000 (Omni Recording Corporation) CD reissue
  • PIERRE GERARD: Environment & Gesture (3Leaves) CD
  • RICHARD CHARTIER: Transparency [Performance] (L-ne) CD
  • SIMON WHETHAM & HUGO OLIM: Mic.Madeira (Cronica) DVD
  • STEVE HAUSCHILDT: Tragedy & Geometry (Kranky) CD
  • TIM COSTER: A Place In The Sun (Fictitious Sighs) CT
  • YOU: Electric Day ( Bureau B ) CD reissue
  • ZDENEK LISKA: Mala Morska Vila (Finders Keepers) CD


No need to explain who Dale Lloyd is: this blog is full of references to his works as well as those released on his own labels.
Concerning the second aspect, three albums published both by and/OAR and either/OAR in 2011.
Our favorites list mentions two of them: Lugi Turra's Ki and Kraig Grady's Our Rainy Season / Nuilagi, but, quite honestly, others could have been included in it, considering the value of each new release on these catalogues.


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