Sunday, January 23, 2011

2010 Favorites - Other Lists: Gil Sansón

Here's my list. In no particular order:

  • Brunhild Ferrari-Tranquilles Impatiences
  • Ernst Karel, Anette Krebs-Falter 1-5
  • Kevin Parks, Joe Foster-Acts have Consequences
  • Autechre-Oversteps
  • Francisco Lopez-Amarok
  • Max Eastley-Installation Recordings
  • Various Artists- One Object
  • Helena Gough- Mikroclimata
  • The Fall-Your Future, Our Clutter
  • Nick Hennies- Lungs
  • Faust- Faust is Last
  • Anne Guthrie-Standing Sitting
  • Michael Pisaro- July Mountain
  • Michael Bullock, Andrew Lafkas-Ceremonies to Breathe Upon
  • Vanessa Rossetto- Mineral Orange
  • Zeitkratzer/James Tenney-Old School
  • Burzum-Belus
  • Tristan Perich-1 bit Symphony
  • Michael Pisaro-A Wave and Waves
  • Joanna Newsom-Have One on Me
  • Brian Eno-Small Craft on a Milk Sea
  • Gil Scott Heron- I'm New Here
  • Pan Sonic-Gravitoni
  • Brian Wilson-Re imagines Gershwin
  • Roberto Fabbriciani, Robin Hayward-Nella Basilica
  • Mural(Jim Denley, Kim Myrh, Ingar Zach)-Nectars of Emergence
  • Current 93-Baalstorm, Sing Omega
  • Loris- At Blurred Edges
  • Nick Hennies- Psalms
  • Toshimaru Nakamura-Egrets
  • Michael Pisaro, Taku Sugimoto-2 Seconds, b minor, wave

Those are the ones that resonate with me at this time. I'm aware of a number of great recordings released this year I've yet to hear, plus my year was full of old vinyl records of classical music downloaded from music blogs.
The box of Robert Craft conducting Webern was a revelation for me!

Gil Sansón


Gil Sansón's discography:

EA - Balancing Act With Controlled Dynamics

Label: Winds Measure Recordings
Cat. #: wm05
Format: CD-R
Release date: 2006

EA - Balancing Act With Controlled Dynamics: Take Two

Label: CONV
Cat. #: CNV47
Format: File, MP3, VBR
Release date: 2008


Por La Adversidad A Las Estrellas

Label: Contour Editions
Cat. #: ce.onl_0001
Format: File, Mp3, 192k
Release date: 06/2009


VV.AA. - Physical, Absent, Tangible

Label: Contour Editions
Cat. #: ce.cd_0001
Format: CD-R
Release date: 02/2010
tracks: La Montaña Se Ha Ido 1-8

EA - Variations

Label: Contour Editions
Cat. #: ce.onl_0003
Format: File, Mp3, 192k
Release date: 05/2010


VV.AA. - V-p V-f Is V-n - cs02

Label: Winds Measure Recordings
Cat. #: wm20
Format: Cassette, C50
Release date: 12/2010
track: On The Tristan Chord

Gil Sansón

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