Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Haptic - Repetition

“On Music” is a series of the Crouton catalogue whose records are only downloadable in mp3 format and temporarily available until their replacement by the next release.
The second item in list was added in March of this year, assigned to Haptic, a collaborative project from Chicago conceived by Steven Hess (dealing with drums, percussion and electronics, also involved in Pan American, On and Fessenden), Joseph Clayton Mills (soundartist as well as painter and writer) and Adam Sonderberg (electronics and computer treatments) .
Furthermore they are all members of a collective named Dropp Ensemble.
As Haptic they previously released two brief works, issued on vinyl by the British label Entr’acte.
“Repetition” is a unique track of 22 minutes built on a multilayered structure made of obscure fluctuations, repetitive cycles and, in addition, some drone patterns melted into diffused noises.
An intelligent use of processed electronics producing attractive sequences wherein flowing sounds are gradually amplified and then suddenly seem to fade out.
Excellent exercise of free-form improvisation surrounded by dark contours.

Label: Crouton
Cat. #: om02
Format: File, Mp3
Release date: 2008

01 - Repetition (21:53)

Previous releases:
  • IV2E/Danjon Scale (2006, Entr’acte, E37) (split w/ Mouths)
  • Correction (2007, Entr’acte/absurd, E47/#67)
Subsequent releases:
  • Velocimane/Çukurova (2008, Entr'acte, E60) (w/ Cristal)
  • Repetition (2009, BloodLust!, B!122)
  • The Medium (2009, FSS, FSS-5)
  • Trebuchet (2009, Entr'acte, E75)
  • Scilens (2011, Entr'acte, E127)
  • Abeyance (2013, Entr'acte, E168)
  • Excess Of Vision: Unreleased Recordings, 2005-2014 (2014, Notice Recordings, NTR032) 
  • Ten Years Under The Earth (2017, Unfathomless, U46)
Tracks appear on:
  • VV.AA. - Two Million Tongues Festival (2005, Bastet, BAST 0006) track: Indifference -> Building On Fire

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Haptic (website) (myspace)
Adam Sonderberg (myspace)
Joseph Clayton Mills (website) (myspace)
Steven Hess (myspace)
Crouton (blog) (myspace)

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