Wednesday, November 12, 2008

James Devane - James Devane

New reference points in the ambient/droning scene...
James Devane is a Californian artist who begins his exploration in this field with a work which carries his name and consists of nine tracks titled using numbers, according to a chronological sequence of their duration.
Loops extracted from digital processes and split into the audio channels, able to produce emotional responses if listened to with headphones.
The section from 00 to 15 is built on processed guitar sounds: the first piece contains manipulated streams and is interconnected with the second one by a fragment of field recordings fading into a looped melody, made of guitar strings melted with delicate drones (this structure is kept in the third track).
The same environmental sounds get start to "15-21", mostly based on attractive entwined patterns, then a rhodes piano appears in the short piece "21-23", other combined soundscapes ("23-27"), a repetitive movement ("27-32"), the dreamy "32-39" and an atmospheric final (also with the presence of sampled drums).

The album is freely downloadable until its physical release (May 2009).

Label: TRANS>PARENT RADIATION (Bremsstrahlung)
Cat. #: TRANS013
Format: File, Mp3, 320kbps
Release date: 2008
Notes: to be released on CD-R in May 2009

01 - 00-08 (08:34)
02 - 08-10 (01:45)
03 - 10-15 (05:12)
04 - 15-21 (05:49)
05 - 21-23 (01:54)
06 - 23-27 (04:12)
07 - 27-32 (04:32)
08 - 32-39 (07:41)
09 - 39-41 (01:23)


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James Devane

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