Friday, August 31, 2007

Heribert Friedl - Trac(k)_t

from Vital Weekly # 585:

When I first played the Heribert Friedl CD 'Trac[k]_t' I must admit I felt a bit annoyed, a bit tired. Another one of those microsound releases of one 'instrument' recorded and then making endless computer processings, in this case the cymbalon, an instrument that was extensively explored by Friedl before on MP3 releases by Con-V, or releases on Trente Oiseaux and his own Nonvisual Objects label. But upon hearing this work a couple of times, there is some interesting things to be noted.
One of them is that it seems to be more or less a live album of sorts. Perhaps I am entirely wrong, but I mean that much of the pieces sound a bit improvised, while it feeds through various stages of computer processing.
Delay, reverb are perhaps common places, but there is a sine wave undercurrent to be noted in this music, which makes this somewhat more irregular in the micro-field, although he never leaves the field entirely.
At times a bit more loud, more angular and less 'flowing' than his contemporary friends, this is quite a nice release, but one that gives away it's own character after a few rounds of intense listening.
(Frans de Waard)

Label: Line
Cat. #: Line_031
Format: CD
Release date: 2007

01 - 0.1 (3:40)
02 - 0.1.2 (3:58)
03 - 0.2 (5:14)
04 - 0.2.1 (5:38)
05 - 0.3 (2:23)
06 - 0.3.1 (4:31)
07 - 0.4 (7:32)
08 - 0.1.3 (4:51)
09 - 0.1.4 (0:46)
10 - 0.1.5 (1:44)
11 - 0.5 (3:55)

Heribert Friedl

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